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Let's Start With This Guy ;)

Ok, so you are here and probably wondering what is up with our holiday card and all those pictures of Logan on the back? 

Well, this was Logan’s official 5th grade photo this year. When we saw this, we all laughed collectively, HARD! We then had Logan do another 5th grade photo on picture makeup day, and well the results were not much better. Soooo (with his permission), this became our official 2023 family meme

If you know our family, we try to keep it fun when and where we can. Life is challening and we have no shortage of our own. So if there is opportunity to poke fun, we do our best! With that, enjoy the rest of our highlights from this past year!

Love, Joe, Alisa, Ethan, Logan, and Dusty

Quick 2023 Highlights


Joe continued to enjoy his new dream job. Still walking distance from home! 

He also continued to enjoy the adventure life on the slopes in the winter and on the trail in the summer. 

Joe also joined Alisa in the gym this past year to focus on improving his mobility and strength. 


Alisa continued to shift focus to her health, enjoying her newfound love for CrossFit to help support her love for skiing. Mostly she is just trying to keep up with the boys.

With that, she left her job of eight years in the early fall and is taking the time to focus on mental and emotional health before re-joining the workforce sometime early next year. 


Ethan wrapped up his junior year and hit the ground running at the start of his senior year. He had a successful tennis season, joined the marching band, and participated in a couple of band competitions where they got 2nd place! He continues to play the violin in the orchestra. He spent a big part of fall and early winter applying to colleges and scholarships. We cannot wait for him to make his decision sometime by spring.

Ethan also started driving this past year and is taking full advantage of his newfound freedom to socialize with friends and manage his own schedule. 

In the winter he also works as a part-time ski instructor on weekends and really enjoys his free time on the slopes with friends and family. 


If you’ve talked to any of us, you know that Logan dived into ski racing in full force. His dreams and aspirations include going all the way to the Olympics, but we are just trying to enjoy the ride with him.  From December to May if you were looking for us on the weekends, most likely we were on the slopes at our home mountain or at a race somewhere in the Pacific Northwest. But despite the racing season ending in April, Logan continued to ski into July thanks to some summer ski camp opportunities in Oregon. 

When not racing or training, Logan joined Alisa and Joe at the gym doing CrossFit or Bootcamp classes. He also enjoyed plenty of time camping, hiking, biking, and other fun summer activities with friends and family. He also finds the time to go to parkour and swimming classes. This year he also started playing on the viola and continues to learn on the piano. And as any 10-yr old he loves video games and Legos and uses every opportunity to play as such. 

2023 in Pictures

In no particular order. :)